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Mazda Bolt Torque Specs


Mazdas come in a variety of models, such as the 626 and Protogé. The company uses similar systems and materials for the different vehicles, allowing for universal specifications for the different aspects. The torque specifications used on the different bolts for Mazdas apply to drain plugs, spark plugs and lug nuts.

Drain Plugs

The drain plugs on the Mazda operate with the oil pan and the automatic and manual transmissions. The oil drain plug uses 22 to 30 foot-pounds of torque. You should check the gasket and threads of the bolt before installing it in the vehicle. Replace the bolt and gasket if you notice any signs of damage. The automatic transmission uses 12 to 21 foot-pounds of torque on the drain plug and 71 to 88 inch-pounds of torque for the transmission pan bolts. The manual transmission uses 33 foot-pounds of torque on the fill plug and 29 foot-pounds on the drain plug.