Home Auto Repair 2000 Toyota Celica Short Shift Kit Installation Manual

2000 Toyota Celica Short Shift Kit Installation Manual

Download 1. Unscrew the shift knob and remove the boot. 2. Remove cover which houses the lighter assembly. There are four clips holding it to the center console, they just pop out. 3. Unplug the lighter assembly. Below you can see the cover off and the four clips which hold it to the center console. 4. Remove the two screws holding the power window controls (if applicable). Next unplug the locks to remove the assembly. 5. Remove the rubber mat, and the two bolts in the storage compartment of the center console. 6. Remove the two screws on either side of the center console. 7. Unscrew the 2 screws at the front of the center console. After the bolts and the screws have been removed the entire console will be free and can be taken out 8. Carefully slide an exacto knife under the clip on the right side of the assembly to remove it. CAUTION : Be extremely careful in this step, if the knife is torqued too hard the blade could break and become a dangerous projectile. 9. Insert a flat head screw driver into the gap created by the exacto knife to pry the clip off.