Home Auto Repair 1998 Volvo S70 Trunk/ Liftgate Lock Cylinder

1998 Volvo S70 Trunk/ Liftgate Lock Cylinder

Download Replacing Trunk Lid Lock Unit, Switch or Motor (4-Door) ZZB1. Removing trunk lid lock unit (4-door) Remove lock unit, See below CA5. ZZB2. Installing trunk lid lock unit (4-door) Install lock unit by reverse procedure CA5. Lock Unit ZZB3. Removing Lock Unit Switch (4-door) Remove: lock unit. cable from the slot on the reverse. Switch up. connector and pull out wiring. Note position of wiring in switch. pins from the switch. switch with cable. ZZB4. Installing Lock Unit Switch (4-door) Install: switch and cable through hole. Note the position of the switch. Route cable to connector. pins in connector switch in mounting. cable in slot on reverse. cover. lock unit.. ZZB5. Removing Lock Unit Motor (4-door)