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2000 Volkswagen Beetle Vehicle starts and stalls. Trouble code P1570 (17978). The security light is flashing

Download 1. As of model year 2000, Volkswagen has changed the immobilizer system and the 7 digit PIN numbers are no longer available to the aftermarket. These vehicles all now use the Volkswagen GeKo (GeKo is a German acronym from the term Geheimnis und Komponentenschutz. In English this means Security and Component Protection. GeKo is the name Volkswagen used for the Security and Component Protection process.). Retrieval of immobilizer codes can still be performed with any Volkswagen compatible scan tool, but adapting new keys or any procedure that requires the 7 digit PIN number (replacing Engine Control Module (ECM) or Instrument Panel (IP)) requires the vehicle to be serviced by a Volkswagen dealer using the GeKo system. 2. Acquire any extra keys from the vehicle owner and try to start with different keys. Should the vehicle start with an alternative key this would indicate a bad key. A new key should be purchased and programmed at a VW authorized repair shop. 3. There have been good results by performing a vehicle cold re-boot for restoring immobilizer functionality without the need for programming due to logic locked modules. Disconnect both battery cables and momentarily touch them together. Leave disconnected for 15 minutes then reconnect. Attempt to start the vehicle.