Home Auto Repair 1999 Volkswagen Golf MANUAL TRANS OVERHAUL – TYPE 02J

1999 Volkswagen Golf MANUAL TRANS OVERHAUL – TYPE 02J

Download 1998-99 MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS Volkswagen/Audi V.A.G. Type 02J 1998-99; Beetle 1999; Golf, Jetta IDENTIFICATION Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) transaxle is identified by a type number cast into transaxle case. Three letter suffix identifies model. Code letter and production date information is stamped on a machined surface located inside the start mounting area and on upper portion of transaxle clutch housing surface. DESCRIPTION Type 02J is a 5-speed transaxle consisting of an input shaft, mainshaft/drive pinion and a differential assembly which transfers power to front wheels. LUBRICATION Place vehicle on level surface. Remove sound insulation below transmission, if equipped. Remove filler plug. Oil level should be to bottom of filler opening. Add fluid as needed. Use synthetic gear oil (G50, SAE 75W/90). Capacity is 2.1 qts. (2.0L).