Home Auto Repair 2006 TOYOTA RAV4 MUDGUARD Installation

2006 TOYOTA RAV4 MUDGUARD Installation

Download 1. Clean Mudguard Mounting Areas. (a) Clean and degrease front and rear body panels where mudguard is to be located using 3MTM Prepsolvent-70. 2. Installation of Front Mudguards. (a) Put the front mudguard in place and install the grommet into the lower mounting hole (one location). (Fig. 2-1) (b) Secure the front mudguard to the inner panel using the tapping screws (four locations). (Fig. 2-1) NOTE: Turn the steering wheel to make it easier to work inside the wheel well. When tightening the screws, push the front mud guard onto the inner panel to remove the gap between the front mud guard and the inner panel. (c) Fully tighten the tapping screws so that they will not become loose. 3. Installation of Rear Mudguards. (a) Remove the screws and tapping screws securing the rear bumper to the inner panel. (Fig. 3-1) Screw (hexagonal): One location Tapping screw: One location