Home Auto Repair 1992 – 1993 HONDA CIVIC Electrical Problems in Driver’s Door

1992 – 1993 HONDA CIVIC Electrical Problems in Driver’s Door

Download The facility door locks make a buzzing noise or do not work. The left entrance speaker may reduce out.CORRECTIVE ACTION Repair the door harness connector. 1. Disconnect the door harness connector and look at the pins for signs of corrosion. • In case you find corrosion, continue with this CORRECTIVE ACTION. • If you do not discover indicators of corrosion, bother- shoot the problem within the regular manner. 2. Be sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio. Record the frequencies for the radio’s preset buttons. 3. Take away the pin from the door detent assembly. 4. Take away the circlips from the door hinge pins.5. Take away the door hinge pins and the door. Place the door on a delicate floor so it does not get scratched.6. Disconnect the detrimental cable from the battery. 7. Remove the cruise management unit and its mounting bracket.8. Remove the wire tie from the kick panel; then take away it from the wiring harness.9. Remove the harness boot from the A pillar. Push the grommet/harness/connector assembly via the hole within the A pillar into the interior.