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Toyota Venza 2009 Roof Rails & Cross Bars Installation

Download 1. Car Preparation. (a) Using tape measure, measure rearward from entrance window lace 425mm ± 25mm (sixteen¾” ± 1”) and mark the manufacturing unit ditch mildew for cutting. (Fig. 1-1a) (b) Carefully lift ditch molding, beginning at the rear to just beyond the lower line. Don’t take away molding completely from front ditch & clip. Place a protective cloth. (Fig. 1-1b) (c) Using shears, reduce ditch mold. (Fig. 1-1c) (d) Carefully take away any remaining tape residue from rear of ditch. (e) Utilizing trim elimination software and rubber mallet, break off vertical partitions of rear ditch clips (RH & LH). Wedge trim elimination software in from exterior then give it a pointy blow with the rubber mallet. This should cause wall to break. Repeat for each sides. (Fig. 1-2) (f) Clear work space before installing rails (1) Saturate a clean lint-free material with authorised cleaner and clean the work floor of the vehicle. Follow the solvent manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Do not allow cleaner to air dry. (2) Wipe the clear surface with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. 2. Put together Roof for Rack Set up (Fig. 2-1) (a) Puncture tape that covers the 10 weldnuts (5 RH & 5 LH) with a ball point pen.