Home Auto Repair 1998 Ford Mustang Water Pump Removal Installation

1998 Ford Mustang Water Pump Removal Installation

Download 1. Drain engine cooling system. Refer to Section 03-03. 2. Remove upper radiator sight shield (8C291). 3. Disconnect radiator overflow hose (8075) from radiator (8005). Remove bolts retaining coolant recovery reservoir (8A080) and bracket to radiator support. Disconnect coolant recovery reservoir from lower locator and remove coolant recovery reservoir. 4. Remove cooling fan motor, fan blade (8600) and fan shroud (8146) assembly as described in Section 03-03. 5. Rotate drive belt tensioner (6B209) . Remove drive belt (8620) . Refer to Section 03-05. 6. Remove retaining bolts and water pump pulley (8509) . 7. Remove power steering pump pulley (3A733) and remove water pump-to-power steering pump brace. 8. Remove bolt and nuts retaining ignition coil (12029) and bracket. Position out of the way. 9. Remove heater water outlet tube retaining bolts and heater water outlet tube (18663) from water pump (8501) . 10. Disconnect lower radiator hose (8286) from water pump . 11. CAUTION: