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Convertible Top Service Manual '92 Mercedes Benz 500SL

Download Convertible Top Service Manual ’92 Mercedes Benz 500SL – Design, Function of Electrical Components – The top control unit located under the right side of the baggage shelf or right occasional seat controls the following functions: Opening and closing the top (including lowering side windows and roll bar) after actuation of the top switch Locking and unlocking the coupe roof after actuating the top switch. Automatic switchover to coupe roof/top operation after attaching or removing the coupe roof Monitoring of safety-relevant information (speedometer function, speed signals, roll bar control unit, function of operating switches, locked state for top locks) Convenience operation (moving up/down) for roll bar after actuating roll bar switch. Lowering/raising side windows after actuating window lift switch Momentary contact function for automatically lowering the side windows after corresponding actuation of window lift switch Convenience closing of side windows via lock on driver’s door Convenience operation for side windows (operation with door open, in spite of ignition being switched off). Diagnostic system with pulse display for malfunction recognition.