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1992 Mercury Sable Unlock Steering Column


The 1992 Mercury Sable has a theft deterrent built into the steering column that allows the column to lock when the key is removed, preventing the steering wheel from turning. Sadly, this seems to thwart more Sable owners than would-be thieves. The steering column lock integrates with the ignition lock tumbler to immobilize the steering wheel. Unfortunately, if you move the wheel inadvertently after removing the key from the ignition, you may have no idea the column locked and find yourself unable to operate the Sable.

Unlock Steering Column

Insert your key into the Sable’s ignition. Grab the steering wheel firmly with your left hand. Pull the wheel to the left while turning the ignition with your right. If the wheel does not unlock, push the wheel to the right while turning the key. Keep in mind this may take some force or repeated attempts before you’re successful.

Tips & Warnings

If the wheel still won’t unlock, you’ll need to have the Sable towed to an authorized Ford repair facility to have the steering column torn down and repaired.