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Ford Explorer Odometer Worm Gear Replacement


Download Please read the first few steps carefully as these are our most common questions we receive after a client has performed a repair and the odometer still does not work. The reason the original gear or gears have failed is that they are made of urethane and lubricated with petroleum grease. This combination breaks down the urethane into a waxy substance which flakes and breaks away. This will also leave a waxy film and deposits on the shafts, gears, housing and peg on the pods. * Work smart, meaning have a clean area to work and the proper tools to perform the repair. General tools that will be needed depending on the vehicle are small standard screwdriver, small Phillips screwdriver, assortment of torx drivers, diagonal cutters (dikes), 1/4″ socket set are just a few of the items that may be needed. * No grease is needed with the new gears. Our gears are made using CelconĀ® which has graphite mixed into the material and does not require any additional lubricant. * Make sure that you have blown theĀ  speedometer and odometer assembly clean with high pressure compressed air. Even if you think that you have found all of the broken pieces you still need to perform this step. * Wipe the area around the gears, any shaft or shafts that the gears may ride on, the motor shaft and the peg on the pod that the small gear spins on clean, using a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol. Any residue left over from the old gears can allow the new gears to stick and not allow the odometer to work.