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How to Change the Brake Pad on a 1992 Nissan Maxima


The 1992 Nissan Maxima automobile uses disc brakes in the front, and drum brakes in the rear. The front disc brakes handle the majority of the stopping, and their pads usually need to be replaced much sooner than the rear brake shoes. The warning sign for worn front brake pads is a high-pitched squeal when you apply the brakes. If you are hearing this sound, it’s probably time for you to change the pads.

Tools Used: Tools, Automotive jack, 2 jack stands, Lug wrench, Brake cleaner, Drip pan, Socket wrench, Pliers, Length of wire, Torque wrench

Change Brake Pads

Use the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on both front wheels. Lift the front of the car with the jack and support both sides with a jack stand. Remove the lug nuts and take off both wheels. Place a drip can under the brake assembly. Clean the brake assembly with brake cleaner spray to remove the harmful brake dust that has accumulated. If you choose not to do this, wear a dust mask while working on the brakes.

Use a socket wrench to remove the bolt from the lower caliper retainer pin, and pull the pin out of the assembly. Use pliers if you can’t remove it with your hand. Rotate the caliper up, out of the torque member. Use a piece of wire to secure the caliper out of the way while you change the pads. Remove the pad retainer clip from both pads. This is the flat piece of spring steel that attaches the pads to the torque member. Pull the inner and outer pads and shims out of the torque member.