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Harley Davidson Handlebar Top Clamp Instruction Manual


Download Harley Davidson Handlebar Top Clamp Instruction Manual – Mounting of the Handlebar Top Clamp • Mount the motoscope mini to the handlebar top clamp by using the enclosed metric countersunk screws (M3). Do not exceed the maximum tightening torque which is 4 Nm. • Laying both cables of the motoscope mini and indicator lights through the clamp inner groove in rear direction (to the driver). • Mark the position of the handlebar to the lower handlebar retainer with a marker pen. Undo the 4 clamping bolts and remove the original top clamp. • Put the motogadget handle bar clamp onto the handle bar and align the handle bar according the pen marking. Make sure both cables are still located in the groove; otherwise the cable will be damaged. • Then put the enclosed inch screws into the 4 drillings and tighten them crosswise and evenly. Take care that the gap between the upper and lower handlebar clamp remains the same at each point. A maximum torque for the inch screws of 20 Nm must not be exceeded. Connection and cable colours Before starting the electrical connection remove the vehicle battery or interrupt its connection to the onboard power supply.