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1992 Oldsmobile Achieva Change the Brakes


The 1992 Oldsmobile Achieva replaced Oldsmobile’s previous sedan, the Calais. The Achieva came in two- or four-door models and ran on a four-cylinder engine. It has all-around disc brakes, which make it rather easy for the do-it-yourself mechanic to take care of the brakes at home. Replace the brakes every three to six months. If you’re wondering if you’re nearing the time of replacement, here are some signs to watch for: a grinding sound as you drive or stop, a squealing as you apply brake pressure, or the brakes are grabbing or stopping jerkily.

Tools Used: Tools, Tire iron, 2 wood blocks, Floor jack, Jack stands, Socket wrench set, Rope, C-clamp

Change the Brakes

Remove the lugs from the tires of the Achieva, using a tire iron. Set wood blocks in front of the tires you will not be removing. Set a floor jack underneath the nearest jack point, and raise the Oldsmobile until there is enough clearance under the tire so that you can easily remove it. Set a jack stand at the jack point and lower the car until it rests on the stand. Remove the tire. Remove the bottom bolt from the brake caliper mounting bracket, using a socket wrench. Hang the caliper from the undercarriage with a length of rope to remove strain on the brake line.

Slide the brake pads out of the caliper bracket. Compress the brake caliper with a C-clamp. Set the movable piece against the caliper, and compress it until it is flush with the mounting bracket. Install new brake pads, making sure that the black brake material is facing inward toward the rotor. Reattach the lower portion of the mounting bracket with its bolt. Set the tire back on the hub and finger-tighten the lugs. Raise the Achieva with the jack until you can remove the jack stand, then lower the vehicle to the ground. Tighten all the lugs with the tire iron.

Tips & Warnings: Jack up only one end (front or back) of the car at one time.