Home Auto Repair 2004 – 2008 Ford Supercharger System Installation Instructions

2004 – 2008 Ford Supercharger System Installation Instructions


Download Edelbrock 5.4L Ford Supercharger System for 2004 – 2008 F-150s Installation Instruction 1. Use an 8mm socket to loosen the negative battery terminal clamp and remove it. Tuck it to the side to prevent any accidental contact with the negative battery terminal. 2. Use a 10mm socket to remove the nut on the positive battery terminal that retains the alternator power wire. Detach this wire from the terminal, then loosely reinstall the nut. 3. Use an 8mm socket to loosen and remove the positive battery terminal clamp, then tuck the wire over to the side. 4. Pull the plastic sleeve off of the battery, then use an 8mm socket and an extension bar to loosen the long bolt that secures the battery hold down wedge. Remove this wedge and set it to one side, then remove the battery. 5. Use an 13mm socket to remove the four bolts holding the battery tray in place. Remove and set aside the tray. 6. Use a philips head screwdriver to raise the head of the seven push-pins that retain the radiator shroud, then use a panel puller to fully remove the push-pins. Lift the shroud off the truck and set it and the push-pins aside. 7. Remove the bolt that retains the air inlet resonator tube in place. Pull the air tube out out of the fender and airbox and discard it. 8. Detach the mass airflow sensor electrical connector from the airbox. Use a T20 Torx driver to remove the MAF sensor from the airbox and retain it for reuse later. 9. Disconnect the PCV tube running between the airbox and passenger side valve cover and discard it.