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1992 Pontiac Firebird Replace Ground Effects


The 1992 Pontiac Firebird ground effects package provides heightened aerodynamics and aesthetics to the third generation pony car. The ground effects attach to the lower edge of the body panels along the Firebird’s perimeter, controlling airflow around the bottom of the car. Due to their positioning, the ground effects are prone to damage from road debris, exaggerated speed bumps and other obstacles the vehicle might encounter. If the ground effects do incur damage, you should replace them immediately to minimize the risk of further damage to the Firebird.

Tools Used: Tools, 2 wheel chocks, Floor jack, 2 Jack stands, Phillips-head screwdriver, Trim tool

Replace Ground Effects

Brace the Firebird’s left-rear tire with two wheel chocks. Lift the front end with the floor jack. Place both jack stands under the front frame and set the vehicle on the stands with the floor jack. Slide under the front end of the Firebird with a Phillips-head screwdriver and a trim tool. Locate the trim pins, which are narrow plastic pins that have a single central screw and serve to hold the ground effects in place.

Loosen the central screws in the trim pins holding the front ground effect to the front clip using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Pry the trim pins out of the ground effect with the tip of the trim tool. Lower the ground effect by hand. Place the new ground effect in position and insert the trim pins through it and into the front clip manually. Tighten the central screw in the trim pins with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Repeat the above steps to replace the side ground effects, as well as the rear ground effect, if necessary. Lower the Firebird to the ground when done and remove the wheel chocks.