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BMW Air Filter Housing Removing And Installing

Download Entrance engine cover intake air duct 3 four hose air filter housing danger! 1 2 three 4 5 6 7 removing/installing threat of harm attributable to fingers being jammed or pinched when removing, installing or aligning hoods, doors, trunk lid/ rear-finish door or sliding roof. Open engine hood and lift to vertical position model 209 pull off the front engine cover (1) towards the top. Remove left and right suction fan duct (2) remove air pump hose (three) at air filter installation: the arrows on the hose (three) housing (four) and the air filter housing (four) must point in the direction of each other. Lever off clamp (5) from the air filter housing (4) detach the air filter housing (4) upwards from in an effort to avoid scratches and damage, the mounts (4) on the left and proper cylinder the air filter housing (4) should be put down on head cowl a padded base. Set up: apply liquid lubricant to the mounts (4a) on the left and right cylinder head cover. Lubricant *br00.forty five-z-1002-06a install in reverse order when transferring parts, be certain that no body elements or limbs are within the operating range of transferring parts. Model 203