Home Auto Repair 2007 BMW 328 Keyless Entry Replacement Transmitter Initialization

2007 BMW 328 Keyless Entry Replacement Transmitter Initialization

Download SITUATION Replacement ID transmitter (remote control keys) are inoperative for Comfort Access functions. The other functions, e.g. “engine start” and “remote functions” are not affected. The original keys work perfectly. CAUSE The replacement ID transmitter (remote control key) is not initialized to the Comfort Access system IMPORTANT: The Car Access System (CAS) recognizes only two ID transmitters. Note: Unlike the standard remote control keys, the ID transmitters for the Comfort Access system are provided with a battery. PROCEDURE Since only two ID transmitters are recognized by the system, the replaced ID transmitter (# 1 or # 2) has to be disabled from the Car Access System (CAS) prior to initializing and activating the replacement ID transmitter to the Comfort Access system. Disable the replaced/missing ID transmitter: ^ Connect the vehicle to a DISplus/GT1 and hook up a DEUTRONICS battery charger ^ Select the vehicle ^ Start a “Short test” ^ Select “Function selection” ^ Select “Service functions” ^ Select “Body” ^ Select “Locking and security functions”, “Remote control/key”, “Disable/enable” ^ Then select “Test plan” ^ Select “Disable/enable …”, press the green arrow to the right In the Diagnosis Test information, Main selection: