Home Auto Repair 2008-2009 Ford Taurus X FRONT STRUT NOISE

2008-2009 Ford Taurus X FRONT STRUT NOISE

Download ISSUE Some 2008-2009 Taurus, Taurus X, Sable and 2009 MKS vehicles built on or before 6/23/2009 may exhibit a clicking, popping, rubbing, grunting, squeaking, or creaking noise coming from the wheel well area. The noise may be heard at the top of the strut rod. Typically, the noise is heard in the front outboard wheel while turning. This noise may be caused by the jounce bumper rubbing against the strut rod, or the dust boot rubbing against the strut mount cup. ACTION Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Raise the vehicle as described in Workshop Manual, Section 100-02. 2. Reach through the spring and pull the strut dust cover and jounce bumper assembly straight down, out of the strut bearing mount. 3. Apply Motorcraft Silicone Brake Caliper Grease and Dielectric Compound: (Figure 1) • To the entire length of the chromed strut rod above the jounce bumper and 360° around the rod. • To the top and sides of the uppermost part of the dust boot.