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How to Change the Radiator on a 1992 Saturn SC


A failing or damaged radiator in a 1992 Saturn causes high temperatures, overheating and radiator overflows. Driving a Saturn with a malfunctioning radiator can cause the engine head to warp, damage other vital engine components and a cause a higher repair bill in the end. A South Carolina backyard mechanic can change a radiator in a few hours with the correct tools. When replacing the radiator, ensure anti-freeze is sealed and not accessible to animals or children.

Tools Used: Tools, Jack stands, Vehicle jack, Socket set, Container for radiator fluid, Pliers, Wrench set, Screwdriver

Change the Radiator

Lift the front of the vehicle with a vehicle jack. Place jack stands under both sides of the 1992 Saturn frame. Lower the South Carolina vehicle onto the jack stands until it is entirely supported. Take off the lower splash shields by extracting the shield from the retaining holes in the frame.

Drain the cooling system. Place an engine fluid container under the drain plug near the bottom of the radiator. Remove the drain plug with pliers, draining the fluid into the container. When fluid is done draining, replace the drain plug.

Loosen the hose clamp at the end of the air intake duct with a screwdriver and remove the duct from the air filter housing. Pivot the air intake duct, removing it from the top of the radiator.