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Toyota Tundra 2007-2008 Installations Instructions

Download 1. Take away the tie rod end. Be careful not to damage the grease boot. 2. Take away the strut bolt. The bolt shouldn’t be re-used on the brand new management arm however maintain it with the original one when you chose to place it again to stock sometime within the future. 3. To remove the bolt strive placing a small jack below the control arm. When the correct spot is discovered (strain eliminated) you possibly can pull the bolt out, strive not to use a hammer, this could injury the threads when you selected to reverse the set up later. four) The ball joint on Toyota’s can be eliminated by eradicating the mount from the spindle. This makes it much safer to press the ball joint out of the mount on a H-frame press. Remember 5) The ball joint is now freed from the mount with no harm to the threads or boot. We use a scrap piece of tubing that fits the ball joint properly to press it out of the control arm. Slightly 6) We mark the stock alignment factors to compare the factors after putting in the new arm. 7) Zerk fitting need to be installed in the new arm. The fittings are unnoticed because they may easily get damaged off in shipping.