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2003-2005 FORD Excursion COOLANT LOSS

Download Some 2003-2007 F-Super Duty, 2003-2005 Excursion and 2004-2008 E-Series vehicles, all equipped with a 6.0L engine, may exhibit: • Coolant venting from the degas bottle cap • No-crank/no-start • Coolant leak • White smoke from tail pipe • Low coolant • Lacks power overheat • No cabin heat The conditions typically occur when operating the vehicle under a load such as trailer towing, uphill driving, or both.SERVICE PROCEDURE Prior to making any repairs, verify the coolant level is not overfull. The new coolant fill level is at the “MIN” line of the degas bottle cold. Overfilled coolant levels will cause coolant to vent from the degas bottle cap. NOTE A FLOW CHART OF THIS PROCEDURE CAN BE FOUND AT THE END OF THE TSB. (FIGURES 9-11) Complete All Steps In Order As Outlined 1. Testing the degas bottle and pressure cap for proper operation of the pressure cap and its seal to the degas bottle: a. Do not remove the pressure cap. b. Install a pressure tester in-line with the degas bottle hose using Rotunda 014-R1068 adapter. (Figure 1)