Home Auto Repair 2002 Ford Windstar BLEEDING BRAKE SYSTEM Service Manuals

2002 Ford Windstar BLEEDING BRAKE SYSTEM Service Manuals

Download Bleed hydraulic system every time air has been introduced into system. Bleed grasp cylinder and brakes in any respect 4 wheels if master cylinder traces have been disconnected or master cylinder has run dry. Bleed brakes with pressure bleeding gear or by manually pumping brake pedal whereas using bleeder tubes. Always bleed brakelines in sequence. See BLEEDING SEQUENCE . Before bleeding system, take away all vacuum from power unit by miserable brake pedal several times. Bleed grasp cylinder first, followed in sequence by rear wheel cylinders, anti-lock system components (if geared up) and calipers. See BLEEDING SEQUENCE .Grasp Cylinder Bleeding (Bench) 1. Support brake master cylinder body in a vise, and fill each fluid brake grasp cylinder reservoirs with brake fluid. 2. Set up brief brake tubes with the ends bent into the brake master cylinder reservoir. See Fig. 6 . 3. Slowly depress the first piston until clear brake fluid flows from each brake tubes with no air bubbles. 4. Set up the brake master cylinder into the vehicle.