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1992 Subaru Outback Starter Motor Replacement


After extended use, especially on rough or off-road driving situations, starting motors can fault out, becoming no longer reliable or usable at all. At this point, they must be replaced to ensure the safety and reliability of your Subaru vehicle. Replacing a starting motor on 1992 Subaru Outback requires only basic tools and 15 to 30 minutes of time.

Tools Used: Tools, Safety glasses, Car ramps, Crescent wrench, 12 mm socket wrench, Replacement starting motor (consult owner’s manual)

Replace Starting Motor

Drive your Subaru up on car ramps and place the transmission in park. Lock the emergency brake to prevent the possibility of rolling or sliding. Pop the hood open.

Disconnect the negative (black) terminal from its post on the battery housing using a crescent wrench. This will stop the electrical current between the battery and the starting motor assembly.

Climb under the vehicle and locate the starting motor on the side of the transmission housing. The starting motor is a cylindrical part made of aluminum. It has a wire connection attached, leading to the battery.