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Honda/Acura Oil Pan and Oil Pump Pickup Installation Instructions

Download NOTE: These instructions aehicle. Use approved jack standre a basic guideline and some descriptions may not apply to all vehicles. Always consult the proper service manual for complete instructions. 1. Make sure vehicle is in Park and on a level surface, emergency brake on, chock wheels and jack up vs for safety. Or place car on a lift. 2. Drain oil from pan and disconnect the oxygen sensor from the lower exhaust if equipped. Remove the lower splash shield, lower exhaust and hanger, and transaxle brackets and dustcover. Remove oil pan from engine. 3. Remove the factory oil Pump pickup. Save the mounting hardware and clean thoroughly. Also at this time scrape any old gasket material from engine block and oil pump flange. 4. Install the new Moroso Oil Pump Pickup, P/N 24010 (VTEC) or P/N 24011 (non-VTEC), with a the new oil pump pickup gasket (supplied with oil pump pickup). Install the mounting hardware and torque to 108 in. lbs. 5. Thoroughly clean the new Moroso Oil Pan, especially on the rail sealing area. Install a new Honda/Acura oil pan gasket on the oil pan rail using RTV (or equivalent) to hold the gasket firmly in place. Clean engine block pan rails. 6. Install the new Moroso Oil Pan using a slight “rocking” motion. DO NOT USE FORCE. Tighten fasteners in a X-pattern starting from the center and working outwards.