Home Auto Repair 1992 Toyota Camry Replace Rear Window Regulator

1992 Toyota Camry Replace Rear Window Regulator


A window regular can fail, leaving a window stuck partially open or all the way down inside the door. The window may not respond to electrical controls or the manual crank. Replacing the regulator can get that window moving again. You can replace a rear window regular in an hour or two with a few simple tools, however, careful attention must be used when removing the window glass. This guide is for manual and power windows.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket set, Small screwdriver, Putty knife, Replace Rear Window Regulator

Removing the Old Regulator

Remove the inside door handle trim. Place a small screwdriver inside the trim piece and pry away from the door. Remove the door trim panel.

Remove the window crank, if your car is equipped with manual windows. Move the crank back and forth quickly while putting away from the door until the retaining clip dislodges.

Remove the armrest retaining screws. Pry the door trim retainers away from the door trim. Remove the rest of the door panel. Use a putty knife to loosen the door trim panel clips from the door.