Home Auto Repair 2004 Honda CB600 Hornet DYNOJET KIT Instruction

2004 Honda CB600 Hornet DYNOJET KIT Instruction


Download Thank you for purchasing this Dynojet kit. This kit has been developed for a motorcycle which is set to the parameters listed at the right in the “Stage” description. If your motorcycle does not meet any of these parameters please check with Dynojet beforeinstallation. For technical assistance The manufacturer and seller make no warranties express or implied which extend beyond the description of the goods contained herein. Any description of this product is for the purpose of identifying it and shall not be deemed to create an express warranty. 1. Remove vacuum slides from carbs. Remove spring from slide. Thread one of the slide cover screws into the center of the needle retainer (Fig. A) and pull up gently. Remove stock needles and spacers, noting order of assembly (Fig. B). 2. Install Dynojet needles on groove #3 from the top. Use all stock spacers (Fig. B). Install the small Dynojet washers above the E-clip. Install the Dynojet slide spring (DSP008M) in place of the stock slide spring. After installing the slides in the carbs be sure to check slide movement manually. 3. Remove the stock main jets and replace with Dynojet main jets provided. If you are running the stock exhaust install the DJ110 main jets . If you are running an aftermarket exhaust or slip-on with a high flowing baffle, use the DJ114 main jets. Be sure that the jets you are changing are the main jets 4. Locate the fuel mixture screw (Fig. C). Carefully turn the screws clockwise until they lightly seat and then back out 2 1/2 turns or until the best idle is achieved.