Home Auto Repair 2002-2004 Honda Civic Si Race Supercharger Manual Installation Instructions

2002-2004 Honda Civic Si Race Supercharger Manual Installation Instructions


Download TOOLS NEEDED: Most of these tools are available at your local hardware or auto parts store. 10,12,13,14&17mm sockets and wrenches Phillipsand straight blade screw drivers 12mm and 13mm universal “wooble” socket with a 1/4″ drive A good soldering devise and solder. REMOVAL OF STOCK PARTS: 1. Remove your ECU & Immobilizer: Remove the lower dash trim panel from below the glove box. Remove the ECU assembly. Remove the plastic trim panel from around the steering column and remove the immobilizer assembly from the ignition switch area. Package the ECU, Immobilizer, Main Ignition Key, and completed JR warranty card in the enclosed shipping box with the Hondata label. Ship complete box to Hondata. We suggest using UPS or Fed Ex overnight delivery. 2 . Remove the “IVTEC” plastic cover. Unplug the Air Temperature (T/A) sensor harness from the T/A sensor on the intake rubber hose. The wire colors are green with a yellow stripe and red with a yellow stripe. 3. Remove the large diameter rubber hose between the airbox and throttle body. Loosen the clamp at the throttle body with a Phillips head screwdriver or 10mm socket and slide the hose off of the throttle body. 4. Disconnect the valve cover vent hose from the air box. Remove the smaller hose that runs from the Thermal valve, near the head, to the rubber intake hose. This is your Intake Air Bypass Control or”Air Injection” supply hose. It will be reconnected to the rubber intake hose once the supercharger installation is nearer completion.