Home Auto Repair Ford 7.3L 1994-1998 Powerstroke Turbo Diesel Digital Propane Injection

Ford 7.3L 1994-1998 Powerstroke Turbo Diesel Digital Propane Injection


Download Parts Included: 1 – Regulator Assembly 1 – Regulator Mounting Bracket 1 – Propane Lock-off Solenoid 1 – Fuel Pressure Switch 1 – 3-way Pressure Control Solenoid 1 – Propane Pressure Sensor with Fitting 1 – Boost Signal Hose 1 – Electronic Control Unit (ECU) 1 – Harness Assembly 1 – Monitor Cable 1 – Heater Hose 1 – Enable Switch 1 – Fault Light 1 – Vapor Hose 1 – Discharge Fitting, Elbow (Vapor to Intake) 2 – Fitting (Heater Hose to Vaporizer) 2 – Parts Bag 1 – MSD Pro Data+ CD, PN 9608. HARDWARE INSTALLATION VAPORIzER/REgULAtOR COmPONENt AssEmbLy 1. Install the Outlet Orifice. Verify assembly is inserted as shown in Figure 11 pg. 12. 2. Install Propane Pressure Sensor. 3. Install Fuel Pressure Switch and fuel lock-off solenoid. 4. Install the 90° coolant hose elbow fittings to the regulator’s coolant inlet/outlet ports. 5. Install the Liquid Propane Line Fitting and the mounting bracket. mOUNtINg thE VAPORIzER/ REgULAtOR 1. Locate the two holes on the driver side fender near the firewall. 2. Mount the vaporizer to the fender holes shown, using the bolts included in the kit (Figure 2). Note: Some applications may require alternative mounting. For these applications verify the regulator is mounted with the regulator inlet at the top. 3. Connect the Liquid Propane line to the lock off solenoid inlet fitting. INstALL thE PROPANE DIsChARgE FIttINg 1. Remove the flex section of the air intake tube between the air cleaner outlet and the turbo inlet. Use care not to allow any foreign material to fall into the turbine inlet or air cleaner outlet. 2. Drill a 3/4″ hole in the tube in the area shown in between the air cleaner and the Turbo (Figure 3). 3. Insert the Discharge Fitting in the 3/4″ hole.