Home Auto Repair 2001 Honda Cr-V Roof Rack Installation Instructions

2001 Honda Cr-V Roof Rack Installation Instructions


Download INSTALLATION NOTE: • The weight of cargo must not exceed the maximum weight capacity 75 lb (34 kg). • Be extremely careful not to damage the roof and other finished surfaces of the body when installing the roof rack. • Do not interchange the front and rear parts or the right and left parts. Removing and Cutting the Roof Moldings 1. Place a shop towel under a flat-tip screwdriver and pry up on the rear end of each roof molding. 2. Remove the roof moldings by carefully pulling them upward. 3. Remove the four retaining clips (two on each side) from the stud bolts using long-nose pliers. 4. Position the adapter blocks (as marked on each adapter) on the roof by aligning the holes with the studs of the roof. Note the directional arrows on each adapter. Install the Torx nuts on the studs, and torque them using a Torx T-30 driver to 7 to 10 N•m (5 to 8 ft-lb). 5. Using a hacksaw, cut each roof molding according to the dimensions shown. Reinstall the moldings you just cut on the roof. 6. Get the right and left side rails, and check that the hole in each crossbar mounting bracket is lined up with the arrow marks. The right side has elongated holes and the left side has round holes. Also check that all knobs are tightened securely. 7. If any holes are not aligned, loosen the knob and slide the mounting stay until the hole is aligned with the arrow mark. Retighten the knob securely.