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2000 Ford Taurus Drum Brake Removal and Installation


Download Drum Removal WARNING: Asbestos fiber dust can be present on brake and clutch assemblies and is hazardous to health if inhaled. Brake and clutch assemblies must be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner recommended for use with asbestos fibers, such as a brake/clutch/service vacuum. The bag must be labeled per OSHA instructions, sealed, and the trash hauler notified as to the bag’s contents. WARNING: If a vacuum suitable for asbestos is not available, cleaning must be done wet. If dust generation is still possible, technicians must wear government-approved toxic dust purifying respirators. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires areas where asbestos dust generation is possible to be isolated and posted with warning signs. Only technicians performing brake or clutch repair are to be present in the area. WARNING: To reduce the possibility of uneven braking, always install new rear brake shoes and linings at both ends of an axle. 1. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. For additional information, refer to Section 204-04. 2. CAUTION: Use of a brake drum puller or a torch is not recommended. Brake drum distortion can result. NOTE: If the brake drum (1126) is rusted to the axle shaft pilot diameter, tap the center of the brake drum between the wheel studs. Remove the brake drum. 3. NOTE: If brake drums will not come off, follow these steps. Loosen the brake shoe adjusting screw nut (2K389). 1. Using a screwdriver, move the brake shoe adjusting lever (2A176) off the brake adjuster screw.