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Harley-Davidson Bagger Audio Factory Repair Manual


Download  Harley-Davidson Bagger Audio Factory Repair Manual – POWER & SPEAKER HARNESS INSTALLATION- (Read electrical connections prior to connecting center power and ground wires) 1. Disconnect battery (negative cable first!) 2. Remove outer faring cover 3. Route long speaker wires from fairing area through tank channel to seat area. 4. Route one pair of speaker wires under each fender strut support; purple and purple and black wires to the right and green and green and black wires to the left. AMPLIFIER INSTALLATION- 1. Factory installed electronics will determine suggested placement of amplifier. 2. Position and attach amplifier to outer fairing support bars with supplied wire ties. (Electra/Ultra/Street Glide) BAGGER AUDIO™ LIDS INSTALLATION- Detach factory lid by removing the 2 screws holding the factory strap to inner lid and 5 small torque screws holding lid to factory latch assembly. (Consult factory service manual for further instructions) Remove metal strap from behind factory seal (This is the metal strap that the previous 5 small torque screws were removed from) Position metal strap in same location on your new lid. (If you purchased your product unpainted, …