Home Auto Repair How to Replace the Rear Brake on a 1992 Toyota Camry XLE

How to Replace the Rear Brake on a 1992 Toyota Camry XLE


The Camry XLE used disc brakes at the rear wheels as well as at the front wheels, providing added stopping power as well as added safety, especially when used in conjunction with the anti-lock braking system. The rear brakes tend to last longer than those at the front, due to the majority of the vehicle’s weight being transferred to the front during stops, but this does not mean they should be neglected.

Tools Used: Tools, Floor jack, Jack stands, Mechanic’s wire, C-clamp, Ratchet and socket set, Lug wrench

Replace the Rear Brakes

Park the Camry on a flat, level surface. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable to prevent shock and unintended operation of the vehicle.

Use the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the wheel. Leave the lug nuts on the wheel and raise the rear of the vehicle with a floor jack. Support the vehicle with jack stands. Finish removing the lug nuts with the lug wrench and set the lug nuts aside for safe keeping. Grasp the wheel with both hands and pull it off of the hub to reveal the brake hardware.

Locate the two bolts holding the caliper to the mounting bracket and remove them with a ratchet and socket. Slide the caliper off of the brake rotor and suspend it from a coil spring or other suspension component with mechanic’s wire. Remove the brake pads from the caliper bracket.