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How to Replace the Speed Sensor on a 1992 Toyota Celica


If the speedometer on your 1992 Toyota Celica suddenly stops working, it might mean that your speed sensor has gone out. Your speed sensor measures the speed of the working gears inside your transmission. Use and age can wear your speed sensors down and it is not uncommon to end up having to eventually replace the part. The speed sensor on your Celica is attached to the transmission. You can purchase replacement speed sensors at most auto parts stores. Installation time is approximately 20 minutes.

Tools Used: Tools, Jack, Jack stand, Replacement speed sensor, Open ended wrench

Replace Speed Sensor

Place your Celica in park and make sure the emergency brake is engaged. Jack up the rear end of your Celica and set jack stands in place. They should be positioned under the rear frame. Set your car down on jack stands. Remove the wiring harness from the rear end of your speed sensor. On your Celica, the speed sensor attaches to the bottom passenger side of your transmission.

Use the wrench to remove the old speed sensor. Hand thread the new sensor in to start it. Tighten it with the open-ended wrench. Re-attach the electric wiring harness to the back of the speed sensor. Elevate your Celica some and take the jack stands out. Lower the car with the jack.