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Harley-Davidson Passenger Floor Boards/Relocation Arms


Download Harley Davidson Fxd (Dyna) 1994 & Newer Passenger Floor Boards #Fxd005 And Relocation Arms #Fxd005-5 Installation Instructions  – 1. Beginning on the RIGHT side, use a 9/16″ wrench to remove the bolt from the back of the passenger peg mount. Remove entire peg assembly. 2. Remove the new floorboards and mounts from their packaging. Notice the Left and Right markings on the backside of the floorboard mounting plates. 3. Install the supplied Right floorboard support (the longer one) with the round mounting face for the floorboard towards the upper-right using the supplied 7/16 x 1 º” long bolt. Apply blue Loctite to the threads. Insert the bolt from the backside where the original peg was mounted. Use a 5/8″ wrench & tighten securely. Note: If also installing with optional Relocation Arms (#FXD005-5) skip step 4 and go onto step 5. 4. Installation of Right Floorboard only. There are two sets of alignment holes on the floorboard support. Insert two of the four dowel-pins into the dowel pinholes at six and twelve o’clock. Place the right floorboard onto the mount and dowel pins so that it is parallel (horizontal) to the ground. Insert the supplied 5/16 X 1″ socket head cap screw through the floorboard mount & thread into the floorboard support.