Home Auto Repair 1991 Ford Taurus Front Door Panel Removal And Installation

1991 Ford Taurus Front Door Panel Removal And Installation


Download Removal and Installation 1. Remove window regulator handle (manual window) by unsnapping handle cover from base to expose attaching screw. Remove screw, handle and wear plate.2. Remove outside rearview mirror mounting hole cover retaining screw and cover. 3. Remove housing and switch assembly (power window). 4. Snap out door lock switch assembly (power lock). 5. Remove door pull handle opening filler retaining screw, and remove the filler assembly. 6. Snap out door handle retainer cover. 7. Remove all screws retaining door trim panel to door. Using Trim Pad Removing Tool from Rotunda Moulding/Trim Kit 107-00401 or equivalent, pry trim panel retaining push pins from door inner panel. 8. Disconnect all door wiring. 9. If trim panel is to be replaced, transfer all push pins, window control switch cover, front door lock control knob plate and power mirror switch to new panel. Replace any bent, damaged or missing push pins. 10. To install, reverse Steps 1 through 8.