Home Auto Repair 1998 Honda Accord Ex Rear Brake Shoes Removal And Installation

1998 Honda Accord Ex Rear Brake Shoes Removal And Installation


Download Removal 1. Raise and support rear of vehicle. Remove rear wheels and brake drums. Remove upper return spring. Detach shoe tension pins by pushing in on retaining spring and turning tension pin 90 degrees to align with spring slot. 2. Lower brake shoe assembly to clear wheel cylinder, and remove lower return spring. Note original position of all springs. See Fig. 8 . CAUTION: Ensure wheel cylinder rubber dust covers are not damaged during brake shoe removal. 3. Remove brake shoe assembly. Disconnect parking brake cable from parking brake lever assembly. Separate brake shoes. Remove self-adjuster bolt, lever and spring. Pry off circlip, and remove washer, pivot pin and parking brake lever (if necessary). Mark parking brake lever for left or right position. Inspection Check self-adjuster lever for worn or damaged ratchet teeth. Inspect brake shoes for distortion, nicks or burrs, and loose, glazed, cracked or oil-soaked linings. Check all springs for weakness and damage. Inspect brake linings for excessive wear and damage. Lining service limit is .080″ (2.00 mm) on drum brakes and .04″ (1.0 mm) on disc/drums. Replace linings (and springs) in axle sets only. Resurface brake drums when new linings are installed. Installation 1. Apply light coat of high-temperature grease to threads of adjuster assembly, sliding surfaces of brake shoes and metal contact areas of backing plate. See Fig. 9 . Install parking brake lever to brake shoe.