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1992 Toyota Paseo Turn Off Check Engine Light


The check engine light on your 1992 Toyota Paseo comes on when the car’s computer detects a problem with the sensors that help the vehicle run properly. The computer fault codes can be diagnosed with an OBD scan tool. Then, the fault codes would have to be translated using the vehicle’s service manual. Replacement sensors are available from most auto parts stores. Once you have fixed the problems, you need to know how to reset the “check engine” light.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket wrench, 10mm socket

Turn Off Check Engine Light

Open the hood of your Paseo. Loosen the 10mm retaining nut on the negative battery cable clamp using a socket wrench. This will be the clamp on the battery that does not have a red cover over the clamp. Be sure you are loosening the nut on the negative clamp and not the positive one. Lift the negative cable clamp off of the terminal.

Wait 5 minutes and then reconnect the cable clamp. Disconnecting the battery clears the engine codes and forces the electronic control unit to restart once power has been restored. Verify that the “check engine” light is turned off by starting the engine and waiting for the light to go off on the dash.