Home Auto Repair 1992 Honda Accord Lx Timing & Balance Shaft Belts

1992 Honda Accord Lx Timing & Balance Shaft Belts


Download 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Position crankshaft with cylinder No. 1 at TDC of compression stroke. See Fig. 1 , Fig. 2 or Fig. 3 . Disconnect battery negative cable. Remove splash shield. Remove cruise control actuator, leaving cable connected. Remove power steering pump, leaving hoses connected. 2. Disconnect alternator wiring. Remove wiring harness from valve cover. Remove alternator and A/C belts (if equipped). Remove valve cover and upper timing belt cover. Remove side engine mount. Remove engine oil dipstick and tube. Remove crankshaft pulley. See Fig. 4 . 3. Support engine. Remove 2 rear bolts from engine center support beam. Lower engine enough to permit removal of lower timing belt cover. Remove rubber seal from belt tension adjuster nut. Remove lower timing belt cover. CAUTION: DO NOT rotate crankshaft or camshaft when removing timing belts. 4. Lock timing belt adjuster arm into position by installing one lower cover retaining bolt. Loosen belt tension adjuster bolt. See Fig. 5 . Push belt tensioner to release tension from belt. Tighten adjuster bolt. Remove balance shaft and camshaft timing belts. Inspection With belt or belt covers removed, inspect belts for wear, cracks, or oil soaking. Inspect belt teeth for wear. Replace belt if worn, oil soaked, or cracked. Installation 1. Align White mark on flywheel or drive plate (flexplate) with pointer on block. Ensure camshaft(s) is at TDC for No. 1 cylinder.