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1992 Toyota Pickup Turn Off "Check Engine" Light


The check-engine light in your 1992 Toyota Pickup tells you that there is a problem with the sensors on your truck. You should not ignore a check-engine light because it can indicate a serious problem that could damage your engine, fuel, or exhaust system. Once you’ve run a diagnostic test using an onboard diagnostic (OBD) scan tool, you need to know how to reset the computer and turn off the check-engine light.

Tools Used: Tools, OBD scan tool

Turn Off “Check Engine” Light

Open the fuse panel under the dash using your fingers. Pull down on the fuse cover and set it aside. Plug the OBD scan tool plug into the open access port to the left of the main fuse panel.

Turn the ignition on and turn on the OBD scan tool. Wait for the OBD scan tool to read “OK” on the display. Then, press the “Clear” button on the scan tool. This will turn off the “check-engine” light.