Home Auto Repair 1998 Ford Taurus A/C Compressor Removal and Installation

1998 Ford Taurus A/C Compressor Removal and Installation


Download A/C Compressor Removal 1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) . For additional information, refer to Section 14-01. 2. Disconnect wire connector from RH cooling fan motor. 3. Loosen retaining bolt and remove RH cooling fan motor from vehicle. 4. Remove A/C manifold and tube (19D734) as described. 5. Loosen the idler pulley to remove the tension from the drive belt (8620) . Remove the drive belt from the A/C clutch pulley (2E884) . 6. Disconnect A/C compressor-A/C clutch wire at A/C compressor clutch field coil connector on the A/C compressor . 7. Disengage A/C clutch wire harness retainer from wiring bracket (14536) on A/C compressor and position aside. 8. Remove four A/C compressor retaining bolts and wiring bracket . 9. Remove A/C compressor from vehicle. Installation 1. NOTE: A new service replacement A/C compressor is shipped without compressor oil. Service the replacement A/C compressor with the correct amount of clean PAG Refrigerant Compressor Oil (R-134a Systems) F7AZ-19589-DA (Motorcraft YN-12-C) or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSH-M1C231-B as described. 2. Install A/C compressor onto A/C compressor mounting bracket (2882) with four bolts and wiring bracket . 3. Connect A/C clutch wire harness connector and secure harness to wiring bracket . 4. Install the drive belt on the A/C clutch pulley . For additional information, refer to Section 03-05. 5. Install RH cooling fan motor. Tighten retaining bolt to 8-12 Nm (71-106 lb-in). 6. Connect wire harness connector to RH cooling fan motor.