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1992 Toyota Previa Troubleshoot Rear Brake Lights


The Toyota Previa is a minivan produced by Toyota since 1990. The rear brake lights on the 1992 Toyota Previa are an important safety feature that should be fixed if they go out. Three possible problems can occur with brake lights: loose cables, old bulbs, or blown-out fuses. All three problems have simple solutions.

Tools Used: Tools, Phillips screwdriver, Work gloves, Replacement 3057 bulb, Replacement 15A fuse

Troubleshoot Rear Brake Lights

Loose Cable and Old Bulbs – Turn off the Previa’s engine, and open the rear door. Locate the two screws behind the tail lamp assemblies. Uninstall the two tail lamp assembly screws and pull the assembly out of the Previa. Tug on the electrical cable at the back of the assembly. If it comes loose, securely plug it into the vehicle. Test the brake lights. If the Previa brake lights are still not working, you may want to check the bulb. Put on work gloves. Rotate the middle socket counterclockwise, and pull it out of the Previa’s tail lamp assembly. Pull the bulb out of the socket and, without touching the glass portion of the bulb, install a new 3057-type bulb into the socket. Twist the socket clockwise to reinstall it into the assembly. Place the assembly back into the Previa. Reattach the two tail lamp assembly screws. Close the rear door. Test the brake lights.

Blown-Out Fuse – Turn off the Previa’s engine, and open the hood. Remove the cover from the fuse block. The fuse block is located behind the radiator. Pull the “BRAKE LAMP” fuse out of the fuse block. Look at the fuse. If the visible metal wire is broken, replace the fuse with a new 15A fuse. Place the cover back onto the Previa’s fuse block, and close the hood.