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How to Repair the Head Gasket on a 1992 Toyota Tercel


Whether you have two doors or four doors in your 1992 Toyota Tercel, you may need to replace the head gasket for a variety of reasons, including an overheated engine, improperly fitted head gasket or damaged bolts. The process requires a lot of patience and time since you need to remove most of the car parts near the engine. The head cylinder sits sandwiched in the middle of engine block and the cylinder head.

Tools Used: Tools, Ratchet and socket, Screwdriver, Coolant, New head gasket, Torque wrench

Repair Head Gasket

Before you begin repairing your 1992 Toyota Tercel, make sure your engine is cold. Disconnect the battery cable from the vehicle. Drain your coolant system by releasing the plug located either under the compressor or in the rear region of the power steering pump.

Label all of your upper engine parts before you disconnect or remove from the vehicle. Remove or detach ignition wires, vacuum lines, spark plugs, air cleaner intake ducts and relieve the fuel pressure. Remove the hoses: coolant bypass hose, the top hose on the radiator and heater hose. Take off the pump and belt of the power steering unit. Leave the hydraulic line in position.

Hold your car securely with padded floor jacks and wooden blocks. Disconnect the engine anchor brackets located on the front left side, fuel line and remove the distributor. Place a plug over the fuel line opening to stop the fluid from flowing out.