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1999 Ford Taurus Timing Belt Service and Repair


Download Removal 1. Disconnect battery cables. 2. Remove battery. 3. Remove RH engine roll damper. 4. Disconnect wiring to ignition control module (ICM). 5. Remove intake manifold crossover tube bolts. 6. Loosen intake manifold crossover tube hose clamps. 7. Remove intake manifold crossover tube. 8. Rotate accessory drive belt tensioner clockwise to relieve tension and remove single accessory drive belt. 9. Disconnect surge tank fitting. 10. Remove bolts retaining upper and lower idler pulleys to engine and remove pulleys. 11. Using strap wrench D85L-6000-A or equivalent, to hold power steering pump pulley, remove nut, washer and remove power steering pulley. 12. Remove retaining bolt from belt tensioner and remove tensioner. 13. Remove upper and center timing belt covers. 14. Disconnect crankshaft position (CKP) sensor (12A127) connectors. 15. Place transaxle in NEUTRAL. 16. Set engine to TDC on No. 1 cylinder. Ensure that “white” mark on crankshaft damper aligns with 0 degree index mark on lower timing belt cover and that marks on intake camshaft pulleys align with index marks on metal timing belt cover. 17. Raise vehicle on a hoist. 18. Remove RH front wheel and tire assembly. 19. Loosen fender splash shield and place out of the way. 20. Remove crankshaft damper using Steering Wheel Puller T67L-3600-A, Step Plate Adapter D80L-630-3 and Screw and Washer Set T89P-6701-A. 21. Remove lower timing belt cover and belt guide. 22. Remove upper timing belt tensioner bolt. 23. Slowly loosen lower timing belt tension bolt and remove tensioner.