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How to Replace the Spark Plug on a 1993 Acura Legend


The spark plugs in your 1993 Acura Legend can be replaced after 30,000 miles but may actually last for over 60,000 miles. Eventually, the electrodes on the spark plugs will wear out, and the plugs will need to be replaced. Poor engine performance, decreased gas mileage and misfiring are all symptoms of bad spark plugs. Replacement spark plugs can be purchased from most auto parts stores.

Tools Used: Tools, Spark plugs, Socket wrench, Socket extension, Spark plug socket

Replace Spark Plugs

Open the hood of your Legend and pull off the spark plug wires from the engine. Grab the spark plug wire by the boot at the end of the wire on the valve cover and wiggle it back and forth as you pull up on it. Unbolt the spark plug using a socket wrench, socket extension and spark plug socket.

Pull the spark plug up and out of the engine. Then, pull the spark plug out of the socket and insert the new spark plug with the electrodes facing outward. Lower the new spark plug into the spark plug well and carefully thread and tighten the new spark plug. Replace the spark plug wires.