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2004 Honda Pilot Mirror Replacement


Download 2004 Honda Pilot Mirror Replacement WARNING! Safety glasses and sturdy gloves are recommended for mirror glass replacement. Press down on the upper edge of the mirror to pivot it fully outward. Reach behind the lower edge of the mirror. Gently slide the mirror up toward the top of the mirror housing until all (4) snaps, on the motor actuator, unsnap from the mirror backing plate. If heated, disconnect heater terminals and remove original mirror from the mirror housing. Remove the foam insulation from the mirror housing sail. If applicable, remove the 9 mm nut holding wiring clamp to housing sail. Remove the small, plastic cover from the bottom of the mirror housing. Cut along the dotted line to remove the interference part from the motor actuator using a dremel tool. Cutting this portion out is crucial because it interferes with the optic module and prevents mirror travel. Cutting this portion out will not adversely affect the operation of the motor actuator. Using the shorter of the two harnesses from the kit, start on the inside of the mirror housing and guide the end without the mating connector alongside the existing factory wire harness. Leave 4 inches of wire exposed in the mirror housing. Connect the Signal® mirror mating connector to the Signal® mirror wire harness. If heated, reconnect the heater wires to the heater terminals on the back of the new Signal® mirror. NOTE: There is no polarity so the wires may be interchanged.