Home Auto Repair 2006 Honda Ridgeline Acces Cover Installation Instructions

2006 Honda Ridgeline Acces Cover Installation Instructions


Download REMEMBER TO WEAR PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR 1. Look-up the anti-theft code for the radio on the vehicle audio system card kept with the owners manual and write down the radio station pre-sets. Disconnect the negative cable from battery. 2. Remove the tie down hooks (6 total) starting at front passenger side and driver side. Then at rear passenger side and driver side (T-50). SEE ILLUSTRATION 1. 3. Remove the 6 torx bolts on the front box wall panel (T-40) and remove. (The top three bolts will not be reused when reassembling panel). SEE ILLUSTRATION 2. 4. Remove passenger bed rail cap. Use flat head screw driver to remove screw cover at rear of bed cap. Use #2 Phillips screw driver to remove screw, then slide bed rail cap back to release clips, and lift up. SEE ILLUSTRA-TION 3. Repeat procedure on driver side bed cap. 5. Remove passenger side box wall panel, (5 torx bolts) (T-40). SEE ILLUSTRATION 4. 6. Next, pull gently on lower portion of inside pillar until one clip lets loose. SEE ILLUSTRATION 5. 7. On passenger side only, locate spare tire clip. Push center of clip and pull out on panel to free clip. SEE ILLUSTRATION 6. 8. Pull panel away from steel box wall and unplug light connector. SEE ILLUSTRATION 7. 9. Pull on inside pillar trim and hold – then gently lift wall panel out of box. SEE ILLUSTRATION 8 & 9. 10. Repeat procedure on driver side box wall panel. (driver side does not have spare tire clip). 11. With passenger side wall panel laying backside facing up, mark three new hole locations as shown (1/2 inch above center of existing mold marks) and,…