Home Auto Repair G1 Honda Ridgeline Hood Prop Kit Installation instructions

G1 Honda Ridgeline Hood Prop Kit Installation instructions


Download Please make sure you have all pieces and parts for the kit before beginning installation. 1. Identify all of the mounting locations and orientations for all brackets. Read all instructions before proceeding. 2. Summary of mounting points: Hood side brackets will mount on top of the existing factory hinges with the ball stud mounting location towards the inside of the hood. Lower Bracket mounts to the front most lower hinge bolt with the retaining tab resting on the inside of the hinge sheetmetal for support. 3. Install on one side first then repeat on the other. Lift parts are symmetrical so make sure the correct side is chosen. Start with the lower bracket and then install the upper second. During upper bracket installation it will be required to support the hood briefly when both bolts are removed. Alignment may not be disturbed if done carefully as the surface retention of the factory paint will hold the hinge in place somewhat. If necessary have another person support the hood while the bracket is installed for safety. 4. LOWER BRACKET INSTALLATION: a. Remove the factory front lower bracket bolt (Figure 1.) b. Place the correct lower bracket onto hinge and replace the factory bolt but do not fully tighten. With the Factory bolt loose, swivel the lower bracket such that the retention tab (rear dot) rests against the hinge sheetmetal and the hole for the mounting bolt is pressed against the factory hinge bolt. This ensures the proper alignment and support for this bracket. (Figure 2.) c. Apply final torque on bracket bolt and install ball stud hardware as shown (Figure 3.).