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How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a 1993 Chevrolet Corsica


Fuel pump failure will stop a car in its tracks. An engine sputtering and shutting off is the most notable sign of pump failure. If there is gas in your tank and your car sputters and shuts down you may need to replace your fuel pump. The fuel pump is located inside your gas tank and it can be replaced within two to five hours with all of the proper tools.

Tools Used: Tools, Handheld siphon pump, Jack, Jack stands, Tire blocks, Flat head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, Socket-wrench set, Hammer, Brass punch

Fuel Pump Replacement Instructions

Relieve Fuel Pressure

Remove the gas cap to relieve any pressure in the gas tank.

Disconnect the wiring for the fuel pump assembly that is located behind the fuel filter hose, if you have a model with port fuel injection. The fuel filter hose is near the fuel filter just in front of the back tire on the passenger’s side.

Run the engine until it uses all of the remaining fuel and stops running.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal.